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Before and After Pictures from Battle Creek
Radon Mitigation Battle Creek, MI

Radon Mitigation Battle Creek, MI

Before After
Radon Mitigation Battle Creek, MI Radon Mitigation Battle Creek, MI

Radon Mitigation completed in Battle Creek, MI

Radon Reduction System in Battle Creek, MI 49014

Radon Reduction System in Battle Creek, MI 49014

Before After
Radon Reduction System in Battle Creek, MI 49014 Radon Reduction System in Battle Creek, MI 49014

Here is a before and after photoshoot of a radon extraction point recently installed by ALS Property Associates, Inc. in Battle Creek, MI. This is the point of the radon mitigation system that is sealed to the concrete slab and pulls the radon gas up from under the home, through the radon fan, and vents it safely above the roof line of the home. 

Radon Gas Mitigation System Battle Creek, MI 49014

Radon Gas Mitigation System Battle Creek, MI 49014

Before After
Radon Gas Mitigation System Battle Creek, MI 49014 Radon Gas Mitigation System Battle Creek, MI 49014

ALS Property Associates installed a radon mitigation system at a residential property in Battle Creek, MI. A sub-slab depressurization radon system was used on the home. Schedule 40 piping was run from the basement to the side exterior where the radon fan was installed and vented above the home.

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Radon is an odorless and invisible gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and has been found throughout the country, including Battle Creek, MI. The only way to tell if you have radon in your home is with professional radon testing. Luckily, ALS Radon & Environmental, Inc can help.

As a member of National Radon Defense, we can test your home and identify if your home has a dangerous level of radon. If your home does have an elevated radon level then we can help by installing a radon mitigation system. Our tried and tested mitigation systems pull radon outside your home and can reduce even the highest radon levels back to a safe level. We also offer other indoor air quality services for removing contaminants like particles, allergens, chemical pollutants, and more.

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  • Radon mitigation
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  • Breathe EZ UVC Light
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Job Stories From Battle Creek, MI
Complex Radon Mitigation System

George in Battle Creek radon tested his home and found he had high radon levels. The radon levels came back at 8 pCi/L so he felt the need to have a radon professional come to his home and install a radon reduction system. After looking at a few local companies he decided to call ALS Property Associates, Inc. to come out, inspect his home, and provide a proposal. 


After scheduling with the office, Doug Smith with the ALS team showed up to inspect George's home in Battle Creek. Doug provided a full inspection of the home. There were two dirt floor crawlspaces, one main area of the home, then a large addition side that was a bit elevated with its own footings. Doug explained the openings in the concrete floors along with the dirt floor crawlspaces were all sources of the radon gas. He recommended and provided a full proposal for a sub-slab/sub-membrane radon depressurization mitigation system with multiple extraction points. 


After doing some research and looking into everything George decided to use the ALS Property Associates team to complete his radon mitigation system. The radon installation crew (Rob and Bucky) showed up on the installation day. After looking everything over they found a few issues with the design of the system provided by Doug at the time of inspection. Bucky and Rob took some measurements and made a few changes to the overall design. The team installed (2) extraction points on both portions of the concrete slabs. They encapsulated both crawlspaces and connected them to the radon system. The exterior placed Festa Radon Fan created negative pressure under both slab portions and crawlspaces of the home. George was happy with the work completed by the ALS Team and is relieved he, his wife, and dogs are living in safer indoor air with lower radon levels. 

Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 1Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 2Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 3Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 4Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 5Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 6Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 7Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 8Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 9Complex Radon Mitigation System - Photo 10
Radon Removal System in Battle Creek, MI

After purchasing a new home Josh K tested and found he had elevated levels of radon in his home. He wanted to take action right away and began to do some research. He found ALS Property Associates, Inc. and thought they would be a good fit. After calling and scheduling an appointment with the office, Doug Smith arrived to thoroughly inspect the property. 

Doug found and showed Josh that the newly installed water proofing system was not sealed. The drain tile and sump pit was creating a path for radon gas to easily enter the home. They sat down and together designed a system that would efficiently remove the radon gas and be affordable for Josh's budget. 

The ALS team properly sealed the water proofing system and installed a radon reduction system. This system had an exterior legend low voltage radon fan and safely vented the radon gas outside above the roof. The radon levels in the home have been safely lowered and Josh can be reassured the indoor air his family is breathing has been improved. 

Radon Removal System in Battle Creek, MI - Photo 1Radon Removal System in Battle Creek, MI - Photo 2Radon Removal System in Battle Creek, MI - Photo 3Radon Removal System in Battle Creek, MI - Photo 4
Mold Remediation - Battle Creek, MI

After testing positive with high levels of mold spores La Nae reached out to us at ALS Property Associates, Inc. to inspect and re-mediate her home. She had been experiencing symptoms often related to mold toxicity.

Upon inspection, we found many areas of the basement were damp with minor water damage. Many of the areas were covered up by the previous owner. We worked with the client to formulate a plan that included removal of all materials in the basement to the bare concrete foundation walls. 

Our team set up containment and negative pressure throughout all work zones in order to prevent cross-contamination to other areas of the home. They proceeded to remove all walls, cellulose material, and affected belongings located in the basement. Once completed they vacuumed all areas thoroughly with a HEPA filtered vacuum. After all areas of the basement and main level were properly vacuumed, we proceeded and wet wiped all walls, ceilings, and floors with a hospital grade antimicrobial disinfectant. We also proceeded and cleaned the air ducts. Once completed, the entire house was fogged with Concrobium Mold Control to eliminate additional mold spores and help prevent future issues. To cap off the project we installed (4) HEPA filtered air scrubbers throughout the house and basement to scrub air of particulates and improve the indoor air quality of the house. 

One the remediation was completed, the follow up testing analyzed by Wonder Makers Environmental showed the fungal levels at/or below normal levels. Our team was happy to help La Nae and look forward to helping others with similar circumstances effectively re-mediate their homes.  

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