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Radon Extraction Point - Stockbridge, MI

This before/after photo detials a radon extraction point along with sealing of the sump pump pit. We use a domed cover for the pit with a window so you can see inside. 

Energy Recovery Ventilator Jonesville, MI 49250

ALS Property Associates installed an energy recovery ventilator at a residential property in Jonesville, MI. The ERV was installed to help with the high radon levels. There was multiple crawlspaces that could not be properly sealed and a regular radon mitigation system would to be feasible. The ERV will bring in fresh air and create a small positive pressure inside the home to help reduce radon levels.

Radon Mitigation System Spring Arbor, MI 49283

ALS Property Associates installed a residential radon gas mitigation system in Spring Arbor, MI. The radon removal system was installed with a sub-slab depressurization that was run from the basement to the garage. From the garage the schedule 40 piping was run to the attic where the radon fan was installed and vented through the roof.

Radon Extraction Point - Osemos, MI

Example of a radon extraction point 

Radon Removal and Crawlspace Encapsulation

See the before and after of a crawlspace our team recently encapsulated. The encapsulation was part of the radon depressurization system we installed to mitigate the radon. The CleanSpace liner is 20 MIL thick with an antimicrobial coating and really improves the air quality and overall environment of not only the crawlspace, but the home. 

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