Energy Recovery Ventilator

Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation in Kalamazoo and Nearby

Easily replacing your home's unhealthy, stale air with clean, fresh air

Watch to learn the benefits of installing the Breathe EZ energy recovery ventilator in your home!

While better insulation in your home saves energy, improves comfort, and saves money, it can also seal in stale, stuffy air.

ALS Radon & Environmental, Inc can install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to remove stale air, as well as harmful pollutants, like radon, from your home. While the unhealthy air from inside your house is exchanged with fresh air from outside, your home is kept comfortable and no energy is wasted.

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Reducing radon levels with an ERV

In a home with an inaccessible crawl space, or limited slab accessibility, HVAC returns under the slab, and other scenarios where active soil depressurization isn't practical, an energy recovery ventilator can be used to treat radon problems. 

Negative air pressure in lower levels of the home creates a force that pulls soil gases, including radon, inside. By reducing the negative air pressure, an energy recovery ventilator can reduce your radon levels while delivering fresh air into your home.

Why energy recovery ventilation makes sense

Sealing air leaks to make homes more energy efficient also eliminates a way for unhealthy air to escape. Allergens, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, viruses, chemicals, radon and other pollutants that might be trapped in your house can cause poor indoor air quality, which can make allergy and asthma symptoms worse and cause serious illness.

Opening a window can help circulate the air in your home, but it isn't practical year round, plus it wastes energy and invites allergens into your home. If you have a newer home, you have upgraded your home to be more energy efficient, or odors tend to linger in your home, you should consider an energy recovery ventilation system.

An energy recovery ventilator offers a simple and effective solution, replacing stale indoor air with fresher outdoor air, with little or no energy loss. ALS Radon & Environmental, Inc's indoor air quality specialists are trained to install the ERV to work with your existing heating and cooling systems.

How it works

A home ventilation system works much like our lungs. It draws in fresh, healthier air from outside and effectively conditions and filters the air before it's circulated throughout your house. An energy recovery ventilator is designed to move unhealthy, stale air to the outside, while transferring the temperature of the exiting air to the fresh incoming air, so there is little, if any, temperature loss. You'll be amazed how fresh your home can smell and how comfortable it can feel.

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